Samsung Z, first Tizen phone, coming in third quarter

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Samsung Z, first Tizen phone, coming in third quarterSamsung Z, the company’s first home-built Tizen smartphone, has been announced and will be released in select markets starting in the third quarter. Along with launching the hardware, Samsung is opening a Tizen store for software as a competitor to other services like Google Play that Samsung has relied on with other devices like the Galaxy S5. The Samsung Z is clearly being targeted at markets where premium phones are not as popular, since its first market will be Russia.

Full pricing information was not made available but people close to the company have told the media that the Z will cost less than competing Android phones. Photos were also released of the Tizen phone showing a user interface that is very similar to Android in some ways but appears less feature-packed.

The push towards Tizen and away from Android is understandable from a company that would like to dominate software as well as hardware but getting people to pick up Tizen devices when there are already cheap Android phones may be difficult. One of the main blocks that Samsung could run into is a lack of applications since the Tizen store will not have nearly as many apps or developers as Google Play or the iOS App Store.

A full spec list was not released either but Samsung says that the phone will have a fingerprint sensor and an “Ultra Power Saving Mode” that will allow the phone to stay on for an extra period of time, extending its battery by cutting down energy usage.

Via [WSJ]

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