Intel introduces Broadwell-based reference computer

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Intel introduces Broadwell-based reference motherboardIntel has presented its first Broadwell-based motherboard at Computex 2014 in Taipei giving both consumers and manufacturers an idea of what can be done with the new technology. Broadwell is Intel’s latest line of processors and with its Llama Mountain prototype motherboard, the company showed how a fully functional PC can be put into the tablet form factor.

The 2-in-1 motherboard introduced during Computex is the the thinnest that the world has ever seen, according to Intel. As a result, the prototype tablet has far more room for important components like batteries. The extra space devoted to batteries means that the tablet can get around 32 hours of battery life and that should not change too much when OEMs begin to come out with actual Broadwell products.

At least one OEM has already confirmed that it will be coming out with a Broadwell-based product, though Intel has not publicly stated which OEM that is. Other companies will surely follow since Broadwell allows manufactures to do much more with tablets, computers, and even TVs, all of which benefit from the small form factor.

The Llama Mountain prototype is nothing more than a reference product meant to show off Broadwell in an actual device but that doesn’t mean manufactuers will not release similar tablets to the public.

Via [The Next Web]

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