Dance Dance Revolution killer? Microsoft readies “foot-controlled infotainment”

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Microsoft's Project Ripple

Microsoft’s Project Ripple

Never mind the desktop, or the living room. Microsoft is now eying the next frontier: The floor.

The software giant, Engadget reported over the weekend, is eying something new: a “projector-based infotainment system that you manipulate with your feet.” The effort known as Project Ripple, was demonstrated at the recent Augmented World Expo. It uses a version of the Kinect technology, as well as a pair of projectors. It’s an open-source platform, now open to developers.

Here’s a trailer:

It’s sort of equal parts a giant, foot-controlled tablet, the FAO Schwartz piano from “[easyazon-link asin=”B00FAI3JE6″ locale=”us”]Big[/easyazon-link],” and the Microsoft Surface- no, not the tablet, but rather the previous product with that name, the touch-screen table thing that’s now known as “PixelSense.” Except now, it’s on the floor. Consider it  a smarter version of what ever the technology is behind Dance Dance Revolution.

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  • Jenni Lada

    Dance Dance Revolution was basically a big controller, and basically a slightly upgraded form of the NES’ Power Pad. It sounds more like this is an upgrade to the Kinect Controls offered with Dance Central.