Asus intros another Windows 8.1 Transformer Book: the 11.6-inch T200

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asus-t200I’m pretty certain Asus is known to most tech-savvy individuals primarily for its work in the hybrid field, where the Taiwanese have been true trend-setters, and by the looks of it, PadFones, Transformer Pads and Transformer Books will continue to be the OEM’s focus.

The Transformer Book roster of tablet/laptop crossbreeds has recently received a slight upgrade and brand new dual-boot variation, with a T200TA model also looming large on the horizon. Showcased at Computex alongside a bunch of fresh Asus-made gear, this is basically a larger, mildly punchier version of the now OG T100TA.

Due out on European shores in a matter of weeks, a month or two tops, the T200 will start at around €399, pre-loaded Windows 8.1 on the software side of things and the already customary detachable keyboard dock included.

While not exactly a Surface Pro “killer”, the latest Transformer Book offers decent bang for buck, thanks to a zippy and frugal quad-core Intel Atom Z3775 “Bay Trail” processor, as well as 2 GB RAM. The base configuration shall pack 32 GB of built-in storage, with a higher-end version upping the ante to 64 gigs.

Also, the docking station should offer an extra 500 GB hard drive as an optional add-on, which we’re guessing will cost $50 or so in excess of the standard price. Still a solid deal, if you ask me, with micro HDMI, micro USB ports, microSD support and a 5 MP camera wrapping up the spec sheet. And no, the 11.6-inch 1,366 x 768 display ain’t ideal, but I bet you’ve seen worse. We all have.

Via [Liliputing]

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