Future Samsung wearables will ‘probably’ integrate fingerprint recognition

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samsung-galaxy-gearThere’s clearly room for great progress in today’s fledgling wearable décor, and before long, these tiny gizmos could bring every little smartphone-specific feature to your wrist. Built-in cellular connectivity is apparently right around the corner, superior processing power is also a near guarantee, while fingerprint recognition might become commonplace inside smartwatches as soon as next year.

The word comes from a rock-solid source, mind you, not just some random, anonymous, zit-popping teenage “insider”, as the head of Synaptics himself revealed at a press conference in Taipei you will “probably see fingerprint technology in wearable devices in 2015”.

Synaptics is a world-renowned human interface solutions supplier for companies as diverse as Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HTC, LG, Nokia or Sony, but so far, they’ve only delivered mobile fingerprint scanners for Samsung.

Hence, while Rick Bergman, the firm’s CEO, was hesitant to name names, it’s obvious he’s talking Samsung-made future wearables. Sooo, the Gear Solo? The Gear 3 that will likely chaperone the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA in September? Not so fast.

The guy said 2015 for a reason. The “probably” is charged with meaning too, as Samsung and Synaptics might still be exploring the best way to integrate fingerprint tech into a relatively cheap gadget with a small curved display. It’s important production costs don’t go nuts, and vital security is boosted, preferably with an area-type sensor (think Apple’s iPhone 5s), not a swipe-based solution (like on the Galaxy S5). Fingers crossed, everybody.

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