Credible source hints at Google Nexus 9 tablet coming ‘soon’

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Nexus 9As Google’s often glitzy I/O developer-focused conference is nearing its seventh annual installment, you’d expect rumors concerning possible product announcements to be blowing up right about now.

After all, I/O 2012 brought us the “disruptive” first-generation Nexus 7, and last year’s event introduced the slightly less spectacular, but perhaps far more surprising Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition.

Clearly, fresh chapters of both the GPe and Nexus sagas are within reach, however none is a sure thing at the moment. The Nexus family will reportedly get the axe before long to make way for an Android Silver line of higher-end, pricier “pure Google” devices, so it’s basically now or never for Nexus 7 2013 and/or N10’s sequels.

Which of the two is likelier to receive a follow-up? In a way, both of them, albeit we only expect one more low-cost, stock Android-running slate. An 8.9-inch, or perhaps 9-inch big guy with 64-bit processing power, courtesy of either an Nvidia Tegra, or Intel chip.

Rumored to be branded as the Nexus 8 for months, this thing may end up being called the Nexus 9. Which makes total sense, especially as the Nexus series so far included eight models. Nine, if we count the Nexus Q, but we’d rather not.

Anyways, the latest source to add to the N8/N9 gossip whirlwind is Android Police’s founding father, Artem Russakovskii. The renowned (and almost always dependable) tech blogger seems to suggest the Nexus 9 will be coming “soon”, although he literally has no shred of corroborating evidence. Nor does he possesses extra intel. No date, no price, no specs whatsoever.

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