Telenor confirms Thailand government cut access to Facebook

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Telenor confirms Thailand government cut access to FacebookProtests across Thailand have been helped along by social media websites like Facebook and despite denials from the country’s military, a recent Facebook outage was ordered by the government. Telenor–the company that owns Thailand mobile phone operator DTAC–has released a statement confirming the government’s involvement in closing access to just one website, Facebook. For more than one hour, people could not access the network, though it isn’t clear why access was suddenly returned shortly after a order to block Facebook was implemented.

Thailand’s government has claimed that it would work against social media sites because of the protests but the government’s involvement in this outage was flat-0ut denied by the military. The government claimed that the outage was nothing more than a “techical issue” but that is clearly not the truth now that DTAC has given a response to those claims.

Telenor Group can confirm that on Wednesday 28 May dtac received a notification at 15:00 local time from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand to restrict access to Facebook temporarily. This restriction, which was implemented at 15:35, potentially had impact on dtac’s 10 million Facebook-using customers. Telenor Group believes in open communication and regrets the consequences this might have had for the people of Thailand. – DTAC

Social media was used in a similar way during protests in 2012 and 2013 in the Middle East. Governments in that part of the world also blocked access to sites like Facebook and Twitter periodically which only means that Thailand’s military government could begin operating in the same way by blocking access to Facebook every so often.

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