Motorola launches Moto X trial program

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Motorola launches Moto X trial programThe Moto X has been around for a while yet it is still regarded as being one of the best Android smartphones on the market. Motorola feels so strongly that its phone truly is one of the best people can purchase that a trial program has been launched for the handset. It had been rumored that Motorola was working on a program that would let customers try the phone before making a final decision on it, and now, the “Try Then Buy” offer is live.

In a simple three step process, customers interested in the Moto X can customize their phone with the Moto Maker, use it for two weeks, and then return the Moto X for free or buy it. The entire program costs just $.01 which essentially means that Motorola is giving people a phone to use for free.

Using the Moto X through this program means that people will be very limited in what they can do given that there is no cellular service for the device. However, basic functions can be explored during the two week trial period even if people are limited to a WiFi connection. If customers fall in love with the device they will be able to purchase it for $349.99.

Via [Android Police]

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