Google might tell EU users that results have been altered

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Google might tell EU users that results have been alteredThe European Union’s right to be forgotten ruling is not something that Google is happy about but the search engine has implemented ways to comply with the ruling. Even though the search engine is complying with all of the necessary rules, it may fight back by telling people if their search results have been altered because of the ruling. The Guardian says that Google is thinking about including alerts on search pages if the results have been changed to remove certain links.

Even though Google may decide against including the notifications, it is likely that it will be implementing them just as it has with notifications about copyright infringement issues. There are already ways for people to avoid the right to be forgotten ruling such as using the US version of Google but people who still use their country’s Google would at least know if they are missing out on content. Additionally, the notifications could essentially tell people to look at other versions of Google if they want to see the results that were removed.

Google is still determining how it should fight the ruling in a legal setting and some analysts have continued to predict that the right to be forgotten will disappear shortly.

Via [CNET]

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