New Google Now alarm feature will ease your commute

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Before I moved to the city this past October, I was commuting to work from the suburbs. And I hated it. You have to get up earlier, your commute is unnecessarily long, and so many other things were always going wrong. One of my biggest gripes was that my train ride to work was always so quiet and calming that I was consistently drifting off to sleep. But then I would awake in a panic worried that I potentially missed my stop, which would screw up my whole day. Can you tell I’m a drama queen? Well thanks to the latest Google Now update, your alarm will notify you when you reach your stop.

So, feel free to take a nice snooze while you pass through all the other suburban towns you don’t care about. I’m talking about you, Wynnewood. And if you’ve ever utilized the train after a night out on the town, you’ll find comfort knowing your phone will ensure you’re not too inebriated to get off at your stop.

So how does it work? I’m glad you asked, inquisitive reader!

You set the alarm and Google Now will use both time and GPS data to calculate when you’re getting close to your destination. Eureka!

This service is not yet available to all areas, although the list is pretty vast. You can see if your city is listed here.

Now kick back, relax and enjoy some precious Zzzs.

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