Is Samsung releasing a folding tablet?

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Flexible, curved displays are all the rage right now. Just look at the LG G Flex if you don’t believe me. However, up until now these types of screens were reserved for smartphones and displays. Now it seems Samsung might be pursuing a flexible, folding tablet featuring an 8 to 9-inch OLED full HD display. And get this, it can fold TWICE.

Picture this: One second you’ve got a tablet, the next you’ve folded it down to the size of a smartphone.

giphy (19)

It’s like origami! But for your tech.

This is what the purported patent reveals:


In terms of when you can expect this device to hit the market, prototypes are already being produced. Supposedly, the product will become available in early 2015. However, this device is expected to be released in a very limited list of markets.

Would you be interested in a folding tablet?

[Source: Android Authority]

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