Apple discounts slew of refurb MacBook Pros, Retina models now start at $1,060

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MacBook ProPerhaps signaling lower iDemand than usual, Apple has very recently discounted a host of refurbished iPads, also joining hands with Target to offer a never-before-seen promotion on brand new iPad mini variants.

And now Cupertino is indirectly admitting to trouble pushing out refurb MacBooks as well, as an entire slate of Pro models have just had their regular prices slashed. Good for us, right? Of course, the state-of-the-art OS X-based laptops are still anything but cheap, although they’re slowly but steadily getting there.

For the first time… ever (?), a MacBook Pro can be had at less than 1,000 bucks. Just one penny less, and we’re talking the “low-end”, non-Retina variation released back in June 2012, but we all know that remains one fine piece of PC equipment.

Meanwhile, Retina versions start at $1,059 (a whopping $440 off list prices), with a 13-inch display and dual-core Intel Core i5 chip. Again, we’re dealing with a notebook rolled out in 2012, albeit a few months later than the $1,000 MacBook Pro – October.

A measly 40 clams extra gets you a refurb October 2013 MacBook Pro with Intel i5 power and Retina screen, whereas a 15.4 incher powered by a quad-core i7 CPU and announced two full years ago is $1,599, down from $2,099.

The full list of refurbished promos is available at this link on the US Apple Store and includes decent deals on a host of MacBook Airs too. Alright, Apple, now should we expect iPhone prices to budge next?

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