Report has proof of Chinese military cyber attacks

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Report has proof of Chinese military cyber attacksCountries in Europe and North America have long claimed that there is evidence of the Chinese government using hackers to attack Western targets but until recently, there was little public evidence to back up those claims. Last month, the US finally put a name on one of the Chinese groups allegedly involved in cyber attacks and a new report has named yet another group that is targeting governments and businesses in the West. A report from security company CrowdStrike says that a group nicknamed “Putter Panda” has been targeting American, European, and Japanese companies since at least 2007.

The official name for Putter Panda is Unit 61486 which is the 12th Bureau of the official People’s Liberation Army’s 3rd General Staff Department. When the US named a similar group in May it was Unit 61398–though there is little that the US can do to actually deal with those hackers despite having criminal charges against them.

Included in the report is evidence of a connection between the Putter Panda unit and the unit that the US has already placed charges against. CrowdStrike has no doubt in its mind that there is enough evidence to prove that this unit has been targeting businesses around the world and is connected to the Chinese government.

Via [The Verge]

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