Docomo introduces ‘Portable SIM’ wearable

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Docomo introduces 'Portable SIM' wearableJapanese cell carrier Docomo has introduced a prototype of a Portable SIM that it says could be used to connect multiple devices with just one SIM card. The device is not part of a smartphone but rather a standalone accessory that combines the SIM card with features like Bluetooth and NFC. Using those wireless capabilities, the standalone authentication device can connect multiple phones, tablets, and other devices at once rather than making people use multiple SIM cards.

Docomo envisions the Portable SIM as being a wearable device that essentially carries a person’s wireless connection and personal information with it. Not only would people be able to transfer phone numbers and contact information between phones with the device, they would also be able to store online logins in the Portable SIM.

The prototype for the device is relatively large at around the size of a WiFi hotspot. However, Docomo says that its plan is to decrease the size so that the technology can fit inside of a wearable and be used by people on-the-go without being a hassle or requiring a lengthy setup. Portable wireless capabilities are something that most devices can now benefit from so the Portable SIM may be at least one way to get more devices connected.

Via [Engadget]

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