China leading world in Internet of Things

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China leading world in Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things market  is just starting to get off the ground in the United States but consumers in China are already adopting machine-to-machine technologies. A new report from the GSMA association says that China is leading the IoT market with well over 25 percent of all machine-to-machine connections. The market will surely change over time but this report shows that China is now one of the countries adopting technologies faster than the West.

It could be argued, however, that China’s market position in the Internet of Things is artificial because the Chinese government is the driving force behind the creation and adoption of new machine-to-machine devices. China has invested millions in the industry already and plans to pump $600 billion into IoT between now and 2020. Mobile operators are also taking advantage of China’s investment in the industry to build up their services, resulting in a faster roll out than what people in North America or Europe can expect.

Some of the largest mobile operators in China, China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom are all working on Internet of Things services now that mobile phone service growth has slowed. Outside of Asia, the United States is leading the IoT market, though that doesn’t mean very much.

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