‘International’ Samsung Galaxy S5 Active crops up, Sprint to get its own version too

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galaxy-s5-activeSpeculated to remain exclusive to the carrier it first launched on until the end of time, the extra-rugged Samsung Galaxy S5 Active will apparently branch out beyond AT&T after all. At least one additional US network is poised to pick it up before long, as well as several operators all over Europe.

On the old continent, the GS5 Active is to carry the SM-G850F model number and see daylight in markets as diverse as Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Cyprus and Albania. A User Agent Profile dug up on Samsung’s servers confirms both the alias and a few technical tidbits of the device, including… 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution.

Wait, what? But AT&T’s S5 Active flavor is virtually identical to the standard S5, sporting Full HD screen res among others. Could Europeans thus get the short end of the stick, or is this an innocent typo? Call it wishful thinking, but my money’s on the latter.

Meanwhile, Sprint is rumored to nab a version of the rough gadget also known as SM-G860P and recently certified by the Bluetooth SIG. The approval is naturally short of relevant information on specs, however odds are the Now Network will score a Xeroxed copy of AT&T’s S5 Active. Stay tuned for pricing, dates and more.

Via [Blog of Mobile], [Sammy Today]

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