Google to launch Google Fit, a fitness platform

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Google to launch Google Fit, a fitness platformOne of Apple’s biggest announcements from WWDC this month was its own health and fitness platform that will work with various fitness devices to provide an easy way for people to keep track of their activity. A similar service, Google Fit, will reportedly be launched by Google at its annual I/O event on June 25. Forbes is reporting that Fit will also pull information from third-party devices and then add that information to one interface.

It isn’t known if Google Fit will a service that comes pre-installed on future Android devices or if it will only be available in Google Play. Regardless of how the service is made available, it will come directly from Google, according to Forbes.

Unlike Apple’s health platform, Google Fit makes even more sense given that it can tightly integrate with–or even be used on–upcoming Android Wear devices. At least two wearables are expected at Google I/O and each will have some fitness tracking capabilities. Android Wear devices probably will not be as advanced at tracking health information as fitness-0nly wearables like the Fitbit, however.

With Fit, Google will also have its own version of Apple’s HealthKit, the framework that third-party companies can use to add their data to the consumer-facing fitness service.

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