Beats Music updated, saves songs to SD card

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Beats Music updated, saves songs to SD cardBeats Music is still one of the youngest music streaming services, but with Apple’s acquisition of Beats, the service is gaining a lot of extra attention. The service has now moved into version 1.1 on Android, and the update brings a few substantial improvements to the Music’s features. Beats Music for Android now has a completely new landscape mode and the ability to save songs to an SD card for offline playback. For people who have phones that do support SD cards, the feature is very useful given that music can take up a lot of space on a phone’s built-in storage.

The Just For You recommendations service that has been marketed heavily by Beats has also been updated to bring a more refined experience–actual functionality hasn’t substantially changed. The other changes mentioned in the 1.1 change log are improved playback and general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Beats Music is a tough sell given that there are already so many established music streaming services available. Even Amazon has launched a streaming service, Prime Music, which is completely free for people who are already Prime subscribers. Beats costs between $10 and $15 per month which is either the same or more expensive than services like Spotify.

Via [Android Central]

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