TouchPal gesture keyboard app available for iOS 8

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For some iOS users, it’s an exhilarating sigh of relief. For others, it’s an introduction to brand new way of typing that will forever change the way they communicate. That’s right. What used to be a coveted feather in Android’s proverbial cap is now going to be available to Apple users everywhere: a gesture keyboard.

TouchPal has recently announced that they are the first to have made a third-party keyboard app for iOS 8. While other keyboard app makers have been talking and planning for it, TouchPal has actually done it. The video demonstration shows features in action.

Honestly, I have no idea how iOS users live with poking at on-screen keys instead of gliding a finger around. The sliding input for typing is faster, requires less finger precision, and is quite accurate once the app learns words and patterns. Heck, if you’re good enough, you can compose and send long text messages with only a few glances for spelling checks. Trust me when I say that once you start using an app like this, you’ll never go back to the old, pecking way of typing.

The good news is that TouchPal is selecting people for its invitation-only beta testing. The bad news is that most of you are going to need just a teensy bit more of patience for the final version to release on the app store. But if you want your shot at an invitation and to stay up with progress, just follow TouchPal on Twitter.

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