PSA: Motorola now selling Moto G LTE with microSD support

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Moto-G-4G-LTEIt took Motorola long enough to understand their best-selling device to date, the low-cost champion that is the Moto G, could bring them even more fame and exposure with two small but paramount upgrades.

Ultimately though, Lenovo’s soon-to-be-subsidiary put both a 4G LTE modem and microSD card slot on the G, pricing the “new” phone at $219 and selling it via Amazon for a couple of weeks now. And starting today, directly through as well.

Like on Amazon, the chromatic choices are black and white, shipping is taken care of and the only on-board storage option is 8 gigs. Why not also 16 and 32? We’re guessing Moto reckons they won’t sell, since the 8 GB variant can accommodate an extra 32 gigs with the right microSD card.

The bad news is LTE connectivity is restricted to a handful of US carriers. Specifically, those that use GSM, not CDMA technology. So no Sprint, no Verizon, no US Cellular. AT&T and T-Mobile are on board, and so are their prepaid auxiliary operators (Cricket, MetroPCS, etc., etc.).

Not the hoarder type and don’t need the additional storage space? Then the non-LTE, non-expandable Moto G flavor might tickle your fancy, at $70 or $80 a pop with certain prepaid providers. Or you can wait for a future deal similar to Fry’s.

Via [Motorola]

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