Nest Protect available again without gesture control for $99

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Nest Protect available again without gesture controlThe Nest Protect is available for sale once again following a recall of the device two months ago. Google-owned Nest stopped selling the device after it was discovered that a faulty gesture control feature could result in the device’s alarm turning off, completely removing any level of usefulness from the smoke detector. Since the device is also lacking one of its features, Nest has decreased the price of it from $119 to $99.

Speaking with TechCrunch, the company said that it was still trying to fix the gesture control system, but would make the device available without it in the meantime. Even though the device was taken off the market and recalled for a long period of time, most customers decided to hold onto theirs. To deal with this issue, Nest released a software update that disabled the gesture control feature remotely. As a result, old versions of the Nest Protect are functioning just the same as those that are shipping out today.

In a blog post, Nest explained that it was happy to see the Protect become available once again. The company also used the post to show its genuine interest in keeping people safe with a more feature-packed smoke detector.

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