Garmin Viago launches, provides powerful navigation

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Garmin Viago launches, provides powerful navigationGarmin has launched a new navigation app, Viago, for iOS and Android. The inexpensive piece of software provides nearly the same functionality as Garmin’s more expensive GPS systems, but relies on a smartphone’s data connection and sensors. Viago costs just $1 until July 13 when the price will increase to $2. Even after the price increase, Viago offers a greater level of functionality than most navigation apps while costing very little.

Worlwide map licensing, lane assistance, speed limits, weather, and many other features are all included in Viago. For comparison, most GPS systems do not even include all of the same features unless you are willing to spend more than $100. Some features are actually exclusive to Viago, like Real Directions which will use nearby landmarks to provide directions rather than street names.

One of the best things about Viago is that Garmin has not tried to outright copy the navigation view of its GPS systems. As a result, the display is not very cluttered and everything within the app functions smoothly as though it is meant for a smartphone. Many navigation applications may be free to begin with, but they can cost upwards of $10 with in-app purchases for additional maps and features. All together, Viago definitely seems like it may be one of the best smartphone-based navigation options.

Via [Engadget]

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  • dragonhockey

    Garmin has produced a new must have unit for those of you who already own a Garmin GPS product. They continue to create and launch models that will surely of big help to people who are always on the go and engage in travels in unfamiliar places.