Microsoft cuts Surface Pro 2 prices

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Microsoft cuts Surface Pro 2 pricesMicrosoft has been decreasing the price of its Surface Pro 2 tablets in certain markets since May, and the company has now brought price cuts to the United States market. The second-generation Surface tablets have been cut by either $100 or $200, depending on which model you are looking at. Microsoft is decreasing the cost associated with the second-generation tablets ahead of the global Surface Pro 3 release.

The 64GB Surface Pro 2 has dropped in price by $100 and now costs $799. Microsoft’s most expensive Surface Pro 2, the 512GB model, was cut by $200 and now costs $1599. Similar price cuts seemed to appear in the UK first near the end of May, and these cuts are now reaching the ARM-based Surface 2 tablets in other European markets.

Microsoft is already shipping out the Core i5 128GB and 256GB versions of the Surface Pro 3. Other tablets in the new line will not be made available until later this year. Microsoft has said that both the i3 and i5 Surface Pro 3 tablets are not set to launch until August. Some customers were first notified that their tablets had shipped just two days ago, so people should be receiving at least some models of the Surface Pro 3 this week.

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