EU may look into Android for new antitrust issues

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EU may look into Android for new antitrust issuesEU antitrust authorities have looked into practically all international technology companies at one point or another, and it appears that Google is up once again for an inspection. GigaOm has revealed that at the same time as the EU is looking into the Google Search business, it may also examine the Android app store business. A complaint is reportedly being filed against Google by Aptoide, an app store for Android that runs as an alternative to Google Play. From Aptoide’s perspective, Google is engaging in anti-competitive behavior by dominating the Android app market.

Google does not allow third-party app stores to be listed in Google Play, and while that doesn’t seem to be an issue to most people, third-party app stores don’t like the rule. The complaint suggests that Google has always made it very difficult for third-party app stores to function, and it also says that more recent versions of Android make it more difficult for people to enable third-party downloads.

Aptoide thinks that requirements in place regarding the use of Google Play on Android phones are also not fair to app stores. Ultimately the EU will be in charge of deciding if there is any legitimate complaint coming from Aptoide.

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