BlackBerry getting apps from Amazon store

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BlackBerry getting apps from Amazon storeDespite once being a popular mobile OS, BlackBerry is struggling to even get mainstream app developers to make applications for BlackBerry 10. In an attempt to fix its app issue, BlackBerry has entered into a partnership with Amazon that will give the company access to Amazon’s Android app store. Giving BlackBerry access to its apps will benefit Amazon from a monetary standpoint, and it will also make developing for the Amazon store more attractive.

The Amazon app store will be made available directly on BlackBerry devices starting with version 10.3 of the operating system which launches later this year. BlackBerry CEO John Chen didn’t try to make excuses when explaining the deal to the Wall Street Journal. Chen said that there was no way BlackBerry could come up with enough time or money to get developers on-board with its OS, so turning towards another company simply made more sense.

Ahead of what is expected to be an Amazon smartphone announcement on Wednesday, the company announced that its app store had reached 240,000 applications. When compared to the main Android app selection, Amazon doesn’t have nearly as many developers, yet it is still superior to BlackBerry’s selection. BlackBerry has no plan to get rid of its consumer devices, but with this deal, it can focus on the enterprise market and maintain its presence in the smartphone industry.

Via [TechCrunch]

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