Yahoo reveals workplace diversity statistics

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Yahoo reveals workplace diversity statisticsGoogle and LinkedIn have both revealed their workplace diversity statistics, and now Yahoo is publishing its own for the first time. As one would expect, Yahoo is primarily male and white, but not to the same extent as Google. Even with a female CEO, Yahoo’s employees in its leadership roles are primarily male, with females only leading males in non-tech roles.

Yahoo’s report shows that exactly 50 percent of its global employees are white, compared to Google’s 61 percent. Gender is a slightly different story, as Yahoo is behind LinkedIn (39 percent) with just 37 percent of its employees being female. Silicon Valley, no matter how diverse a technology company tries to be, is primarily white and primarily male. Yahoo definitely has a commitment to being diverse, but actually being diverse can be difficult without outreach programs.

The company’s leadership statistics are particularly troublesome, as they reveal that 78 percent of those employees are white and 77 percent of them are male. Leadership roles, on a general basis, are disproportionately given to males and it seems that is the case with Yahoo as well.

“Overall, our goal at Yahoo is to create a workplace culture that attracts and retains all talents, regardless of background, and to help our people grow to their full potential,” Yahoo chief development officer Jackie Reses wrote in a blog post today.

Via [VentureBeat]

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