Additional Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 versions in North America score KitKat

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Galaxy Note 2 Galaxy S3Samsung has been on a genuine upgrading rampage lately, bringing several aging members of the Galaxy up to date software-wise, and by the looks of it, there’s no stopping the KitKat avalanche.

The Galaxy S3, so far bumped up to Android 4.4 on Sprint and US Cellular, is also taking things to the next level on AT&T and multiple Canadian carriers, while the Note 2 boards the KK bandwagon in its SGH-i317 variation.

That’s the model available on all leading wireless service providers up north, and it follows in the footsteps of Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular-locked versions. No love for AT&T users? Not yet, I’m afraid.

Sticking to the good news, let’s point out the chocolaty ports are headed S3 and Note 2’s way both over-the-air and via Samsung Kies, either method bringing 4.4.2 build to the erstwhile flagships, packed with Project Svelte performance enhancements, subtle but noticeable user interface tweaks, wireless printing support, improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, bug fixes and so on and so forth.

The exact “weight” of the two updates remains a mystery, however be sure to free up at least 500 MB storage space before tapping download and install. Also, scoring the goodie package through Wi-Fi is a must. And don’t forget to charge your battery and back up your data. Now you’re good to go.

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  • Bella

    That’s the only reason I prefer Samsung over other brands because it comes with a guarantee of being upgraded to new versions of Android. Well, once I full charged my device on wireless charger, I will definitely update my Galaxy S3 to explore more features.

  • Todd Mummert

    will we get an update for note 10.1. !the original