The 11 best songs about technology

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So, last night Philadelphia experienced quite the loud, lightning-filled storm. I’m beginning to think I made it up in my head, since no one else seems to have been awoken at 2 am like I was. Point is, I was awake the rest of the night just thinkin’ bout stuff.


It went something like this:

“At least tomorrow is Thursday. I could really go for a cheesesteak. No, a burrito. I think I’m dehydrated. I wonder if dogs know what ‘dude’ means. Will the weather be nice enough to go to the beach this weekend? Let me check my phone. Lana Del Rey is my spirit animal. I make the same joke in all my videos. I need to register for CE Week. Do people write songs about technology? I’ll look tomorrow at work. I need to book my flight home. I want an In N Out burger SO badly it hurts. Obviously, I’d get fries too. Wow, I think about food a lot.”

This went on for some time, but I literally wrote down “songs about technology” in my iPhone notes. Surprise! There’s actually a lot. So I decided to share some with you in the hopes that we can all join hands and sing along (at least virtually). Now, turn up your iPod (do people still use those?) and enjoy the list! “Cause the music is live like an electric shock!” 

1)  Ayo Technology – 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake:

Admittedly, this was my high school volleyball team’s jam. It was literally on our warmup CD (yes, we still used CDs back then), which is surprising considering how sexually explicit it is. Sorry, coach. Still love it. Sing to me all night, Justin. YOU TOO, 50!

2) BBM – Sean Kingston:

Don’t act like you don’t remember BBM (my dad still uses it). “That’s the best way to communicate.” I miss you, Blackberry. Hannah Fun Fact: My Blackberry was named Blueberry because I had a blue case. I’m so clever. Now I’m feeling nostalgic.

3) Deep Blue- Arcade Fire:

Any chance I get to use an Arcade Fire song is a chance I take, especially since this one is from my favorite album The Suburbs. This one requires a little more listening to see the tech references: “Put the cellphone down for a while in the night there is something wild.” On a grander scale, it’s about humans vs. technology. And after a little research, I learned that Deep Blue was the name of the IBM-developed super computer that defeated Garry Kasparov in 1986. I just dropped some knowledge on you!

4) Computer Age – Neil Young:

The tech aspect speaks for itself.

5) Paranoid Android – Radiohead:

Like Arcade Fire, I’ll take any excuse to use a Radiohead song, and this one is actually in my top 10 Radiohead songs (“Reckoner” is #1; “There There” is #2). Are you enjoying all these Hannah fun facts? This one is probably a stretch, but hey “Android” is in the title and it’s on the album Ok ComputerI’ll write what I want!

6) LOL :-) – Trey Songz:

A song with both an acronym and an emoticon in the title. I can’t believe this exists. The lyrics are pretty much “LOL. Smiley face.” This is one of those “ashamed in my generation” moments. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

7) Selfie – The Chainsmokers:

Just when you probably got this song out of your head. Sorry guys, I know it was selfish on my part. “Can you guys help me pick a filter?” #Live

8) MySpace Girl – The Afters:

BRB I have to make sure I deleted my Myspace page from high school. This song is about all that Myspace creepin’ that we were guilty of. “I saw your picture on Myspace.” It’s kinda romantic in that stalker way. “I saved a space in my Top 8 for you.” (SWOOOOON).

9) Telephone – Lady Gaga:

This was my college jam, in case you were wondering. It’s all about choosing to dance the night away, instead of answering your phone. “Cause I’m out in the club, and I’m sippin that bubb and you’re not gonna reach my telephone.” Except let’s be honest, when I’m dancing at a club my phone is in my hand at all times. We can’t all be as cool as Lady Gaga. And my heart flutters a bit when Beyonce does her thing in this song. Plus, it’s got one of my favorite Lady Gaga lyrics: “I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor.” (Currently dancing in my cubicle).

10) Text Me in the Morning – Neon Trees:

Yup, it’s real and it’s actually pretty catchy. Although “when all the boys just want your sex, I just want your texts” couldn’t possibly be true. I’m calling shenanigans, Neon Trees.

11) Do the Evolution – Pearl Jam:

Try as I might, I can’t resist you, Eddie Vedder. It’s a reading-between-the-lines take on technology, but Vedder said in a 1998 interview, “That song is all about someone who’s drunk with technology, who thinks they’re the controlling living being on this planet. It’s another one I’m not singing as myself.” So, don’t get on my case about making it up!


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  • Rinley

    Paranoid Android is a very good example of how this list is outright superficial. The song isn’t about technology in the slightest, and the talk of not being an android is purely metaphor.

    I don’t want songs that passingly reference technology or use it as metaphor, I want songs ABOUT technology… about the changes we’re going through, the social implications both good and bad. There’s a diverse array of cultures and philosophies from gaming to transhumanism left almost completely untapped in music… and look how much we’ve seen in books, movies and games…

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep which later became both a movie and a game called Blade Runner.
    “I, Robot,” the recent film “The Machine” which explores two forms of posthumanism. “Transcendence,” a movie about a man who loses his humanity when he’s reborn in-silico.

    We have songs about the music industry, about government, about modern society, about sex, about drugs, about spirits, gods, paranormal and supernatural phenomena, about fictional characters and all manner of thing… and yes, we have a few songs about games, but I cannot find a single song about TECHNOLOGY.