CloudFlare: Hong Kong democracy movement hit by massive DDoS attack

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CloudFlare: Hong Kong democracy movement hit by massive DDoS attackA democracy movement in Hong Kong is trying to move that part of China away from the strict political system controlled by the Chinese government to a direct-voting system. Occupy Central, the organization in charge of the movement, is being battered with large DDoS attacks that CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince says are some of the largest and most persistent in history. As one would expect, there are many fingers being pointed towards the Chinese government, since it would have the greatest reason to target Occupy Central.

Occupy Central wants to replace the government’s current political system with a one-man one-vote system. Right now, the Chinese government chooses the candidates and then a committee picks them, essentially leaving out all citizens from the process. Even though China says that the Hong Kong political system will move to direct voting by 2017, that change doesn’t apply to picking the candidates. In all parts of the political process, Occupy Central wants the citizens to be in charge.

The DDoS attacks are hitting Occupy Central’s website at the same time as the organization has tried to pull in votes for an unofficial referendum online. Though 90,000 votes have been submitted by regular citizens, the DDoS attacks are making it more difficult for people to access the site and show their support for the movement.

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