Acer Chromebook CB5 in the pipeline with Tegra K1 power, 13.3-inch display?

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acer-cb5_chromebookAcer’s newest Chromebooks, the C720 and C720P, are nearly nine months old and featherweights compared to fresh efforts from Asus, Lenovo or Samsung, so it’s no surprise one or several sequels are being worked on as we speak.

What’s interesting is Acer is going the extra mile to differentiate the C720 follow-ups from the competition, likely swapping run-of-the-mill Intel Celeron “Haswell” chips with punchier Core i3 or Tegra K1 processors.

Like the i3 version, the Tegra K1 Chromebook is mere speculation for the time being, with an obscure Scandinavian online retailer spilling the beans on its identity, market name (CB5), and specifications. Komplett predictably wiped out any trace of the unannounced Chrome OS-running laptop from its website after slipping the intel, which suggests there was some truth to it.

If their every tidbit pans out, the Chromebook CB5 shall go on sale August 1 for the equivalent of $540 (whoa), with a 13.3-inch “HD” screen in tow, alongside the Nvidia Tegra K1 CPU already mentioned, 4 GB RAM, a 32 GB SSD, USB 3.0 and HDMI connectivity.

The price tag sounds a bit jacked, although the 13 incher is quite the looker and the quad-core K1 chip a powerhouse. Compared to Celerons, not Core i3s. There’s also a chance the display is Full HD, in which case $540 starts to feel right. Either way, the CB5 is a solid little notebook to look forward to… if it’s the real deal.

Via [Android Police]

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