Nest lets developers utilize its smart home devices

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Nest lets developers utilize its smart home devicesApple and other technology companies are in the process of creating applications and platforms for smart home devices. The idea behind those platforms is that devices should all be connected in one place so that controlling them is easy. In order for that sort of platform to work, however, device creators need to be on board. Nest, the company Google bought for $3.2 billion, says that its developer program is opening to those platforms. Developers will now have the ability to tap into Nest’s devices.

Mimicking the “Made for iPhone” program that Apple has in place, Nest says that it will work with developers through a “Works with Nest” program. With the announcement, Nest says that it already has a few partners for the program, including Mercedes-Benz, LIFX, and Jawbone. This sort of developer integration won’t let Nest devices work with Apple right away, but that could come later.

The Mercedes-Benz integration allows users to automatically have their Nest products turn on when they are near home. LIFX lightbulbs will connect to Nest devices so that they can flash when there is an emergency. and Jawbone’s UP24 device will also connect to the Nest products.

Nest is essentially moving in the same direction as Apple in the smart home market, but the two companies could always end up working together in the future, perhaps with Nest integration in HomeKit.

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