FireChat’s offline messaging works with iOS, Android

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FireChat's offline messaging works with iOS, AndroidFireChat is an interesting messaging service since it allows people to anonymously contact each other without an internet connection as long as they are within 200 feet of each other. There are multiple applications for a service like FireChat, but the app had been limited because it only worked with either iOS or Android, not both. The app has now been updated to support cross-platform offline chats, enabling almost all smartphone users to chat with each other without a connection.

A mesh network has been developed that will work between iOS and Android devices, whereas the “Nearby” chats were previously made possible by different standards. FireChat had worked using Apple’s own Multipeer Connectivity Framework on iOS, while the app relied on a mesh network for Android phones.

FireChat also works cross-platform for other types of messaging, but you must be connected in order for those chats to work. The offline messaging component of FireChat is still one of the most interesting aspects of it. Open Garden, the company behind the app, says that Nearby messages are great when you are in a concert, conference, or other event where internet connectivity is scarce and unreliable. FireChat also has a greater chance of success because it has already differentiated itself from WhatsApp and WeChat which are both traditional messaging apps.

Via [The Next Web]

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