Deal alert: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for $470, Galaxy S4 at $350 on eBay

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Galaxy-Note-3-Galaxy-S4If you’ve been keeping an eye on this particular section of our website, you probably already know we rarely recommend eBay deals. That’s because more often than not they come with strings attached, possible hassles and risks. In short, they’re not worth it.

But when a top-rated, rock-solid seller like Blutek offers hefty discounts for two of Samsung’s instant Android classics, all anxieties go away. The Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 can be had for a limited time only at $469.99 and $349.99. Unlocked, SIM-free and, most importantly, contract-free.

Restricted quantities are naturally available, so time is of the essence, and after scouring the web for a recent history of similar promotions, we’re pretty sure both the Note 3 and S4 are hitting all-time lows.

The former, a genuine powerhouse even when closing in on its one-year birthday, packs an 8-core Exynos 5 Octa chip in the N900 flavor sold by Blutek. That unfortunately doesn’t support 4G LTE connectivity, but at $470, you can probably make do with 3G speeds on GSM networks.

Back in the day available for a whopping $800, the Exynos Note 3 recently dropped to $550 or so via most retailers, which still makes this a steal, offering $80 savings.

As for the GS4 GT-I9500L, aka the Exynos 5 Octa variation, that too went through a host of discounts over time, nowadays costing around $430 on Amazon. So you get a nifty $80 shave for this aging but bitching bad boy as well. Think about it, buy them both and you save $160. Not bad, huh?

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