Snapdragon 805-powered LG G3 certified in Korea, release now a matter of time

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LG G3Samsung rushed to roll out the Galaxy S5 and thus cut a few corners, LG retaliated with a much more advanced G3, but then Sammy outdid its local rival by raising S5’s screen resolution and processing power bar.

Now the S5 LTE-A is a smidge beefier than the G3, thanks to a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip, which takes things to the next level compared to the S800. But do you really think LG will simply give up the mad spec race?

Far from it, as rumor has it a slightly improved G3 version, perhaps dubbed G3 Prime, shall see daylight before long on Korean shores. There’s not much the “ultra-high-end” smartphone can bump up, but an S805 CPU is a near guarantee. And so is LTE-Advanced Cat. 6 connectivity.

A mere whisper last week, the LG G3 LTE-A is inching closer to materializing, following succesful certification procedures over at Korea’s FCC equivalent, the National Radio Research Agency. As expected, the federal bureau green-lit not one, not two, but three variants of the S805-packing handheld, headed for carriers SK, KT and LG U+ under model numbers F460S/K/L.

Our fear is obviously that LG will keep this in the family, i.e. exclusive to Asian shores, just like Samsung, although if other improvements are in store alongside the S805 and LTE-Advanced speeds, anything’s possible. Including a global rollout someday. Fingers crossed, right?

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