ChargeAll pocket wall socket solves many inconveniences

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One of the main reasons why tablets and smartphones have surpassed laptop sales is that they’re easier to power and last longer. Think of the last time you used a fully-charged laptop off of its internal battery. It probably didn’t last as long as you wanted. And in all honesty, setting screen brightness and performance to the lowest possible, just to extend battery life, is dumb. And you’re not really “mobile” if you have to continually think about where the nearest power outlet can be found.

ChargeAll external battery pack socket iphoneConsidering the plethora of external battery packs available to charge via USB, mobile devices still reign supreme for all-day activity. But despite the diminishing popularity, there are many things laptops can accomplish that smartphones and tablets simply can’t. But even if you’re indifferent about laptops, there may have been times you wished for a power outlet when one wasn’t available.

If you want some serious portable power, ChargeAll is the world’s first wall socket that can fit in your pocket. We’ve seen external battery packs of all sorts, yet this is completely different in that you can charge/power external devices as well as anything that requires a standard wall outlet. Think: laptop, curling iron, lamp, margarita maker, and anything else that would be totally fun to use on public transportation. That’s right. 120V 60Hz.

The ChargeAll comes in two capacities: 12000mAh and 18000mAh, which are fantastic sizes for all-around use. The USB ports output up to 2.4A, which is perfect for everything up to and including the latest tablets. It also features important safety aspects like heat protection, over charge/current/voltage protection, and short-circuit protection. Despite all that, users are encouraged to apply common sense. ChargeAll won’t be able to handle appliances like microwaves or vacuums – just devices requiring 85W power (or less).

So what are you waiting for? Check out the ChargeAll campaign on Indiegogo and snag one for yourself.

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