YouTube announces Creator Studio, 60 FPS support

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YouTube announces Creator Studio, 60 FPS supportAt VidCon 2014, YouTube announced a few major features and upgrades that will be coming to the video sharing service. YouTube will soon support videos running at either 48 or 60 FPS which is very useful given the increase in 60 FPS content that has been coming out in recent months. The higher FPS setting will be enabled on videos when they are set to 1080p, though most viewers turn to that resolution anyways.

The YouTube team has also announced that it will be adding a new tipping feature to channels. YouTube content creators will be able to receive money directly through YouTube if they connect a current IndieGoGo or Kickstarter project to their videos. Susan Wojicki, CEO of YouTube, told the VidCon audience that donations through YouTube will be accepted and can range from $1 to $500. Larger donations will still have to be given to creators through other services.

Out of all the announcements made by YouTube during VidCon, the last major announcement was in regards to the Creator Studio app. Creator Studio is another service meant for content creators, and it will be launching later this year. The app lets creators see additional analytics, add sound effects, insert captions, etc, all on the go.

Via [Engadget]

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