College views League of Legends just like other sports

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College views League of Legends just like other sportsE-sports are becoming very popular, and unlike five years ago, they are no longer viewed as a silly hobby. Robert Morris University is taking an even greater step than most in trying to change the way people view E-Sports, particularly League of Legends. The college says that it will be actively recruiting students for its newly formed League of Legends team. Just like for students who play football, basketball, etc, the college will pay 50% of a LoL player’s fees. Not only will that 50% cover tuition for Robert Morris Universrity, it will also cover boarding fees.

Robert Morris University, as a result of this offer, has become the first US university to treat League of Legends the same as other sports. There may be some crucial differences between traditional sports and video games, but it is hard to deny that competitive League of Legends players are dedicated and skilled, just like football and basketball players.

League of Legends also has an active player base of 27 million, which means that it is potentially easier to find students who play the game than it is to find people who play regular sports. The game’s popularity also reportedly got the university interested, and eventually caused them to create a competitive team.

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