Walmart discounts on-contract iPhone 5c to $29, iPhone 5s to $99 (in-store only)

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iphone_5s_5cIt’s no big secret anymore that Apple iPhone 6 releases are drawing near, with large 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays and numerous hardware upgrades in the cards. But maybe you prefer portability and a compact form factor over extra screen real estate and bulkiness. Or maybe you don’t care to wait until September, possibly October, and want an iPhone now.

Finally, maybe you’re on a tight budget and know full well “iPhablets” will start at $200 with two-year contracts at the very least. What do you do? Visit a Walmart shop and score a current-generation iPhone 5c or 5s on the cheap.

Specifically, at $29 or $99 respectively. With 24-month pacts, that goes without saying, on AT&T or Verizon (for the 5c), and AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or US Cellular (the 5s). Clearly, the discounts aren’t major and we’ve seen better deals in the recent past via other retailers.

But the big upside here is Walmart’s promotion has no expiration date. Besides, nabbing the two iOS-based handhelds from Apple’s online store requires upfront payments of $99 and $199 respectively. We’re of course talking 16 GB versions, with 32 gigs models also on sale at Walmart.

The specifics are however a little hazy vis-à-vis the 32 GB iPhone 5c and 5s, so just to be sure, ask someone at your local Walmart “dealership” about them. They might be hard to turn down, with all that extra storage space.

Via [Phone Arena]

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