Thinium debuts Charge at CE Week in NYC

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Earlier this week, Thinium debuted its new Charge at New York City’s CE Week. The Charge is an innovative new way of quick charging your smartphone (1 AMP) anywhere, anytime, with no hassle (and in assorted colors!).

The business card-size device pops open every which way to reveal various charging platforms that include outlet prongs, a usb cord, and a micro USB cord or iPhone Lightning Connector.

I slid the tiny device into my pocket and, hours later, was in desperate need of it and thrilled to have it on me. Now, it lives permanently in my wallet. Even when I’m away from an outlet, the USB allows me to use it with my external battery without the hassle of a cord.

It doesn’t stop there. The Charge cradles your phone while charging, whether on the wall or plugged into your computer’s USB port. It’s also gorgeous. Really, truly gorgeous as far as tech goes and is sold in white, black and gold.

I’m excited to throw my charge cords and adapters in my hoarder bin and hopefully never see them again. I could just throw them away, but then I couldn’t find them in twenty years and remember the good old days of charging cords– where’s the fun in that?

The Thinium Charge will retail for US $49.99.

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