LA schools moving away from iPads

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LA schools moving away from iPadsApple has long been a go-to company for school districts trying to include technology in classrooms, but as more effective and cheaper devices come out, sticking with Apple may not be the best idea. The LA school district is one of the largest in the country, and some of its schools will now be moving towards Chromebooks, hybrids, and Windows products. Though the initial move is meant to complement the iPad program, LA schools have run into many problems with the iPads, and these devices could replace them.

“The benefit of the new approach is clear,” LA school board member Monica Ratlif told the LA Times. “Why would we treat all our students – whether they are a first-grader or a high school freshman – as if they all had the same technology needs? They don’t.” Those “needs” will be met with a variety of devices, including Chromebooks, the Surface Pro 2, and the Lenovo Yoga Touch. All of those products will be given to students and teachers during a small trial run, and then the rollout will expand.

It isn’t entirely clear if the schools would like to get rid of iPads altogether, but this move makes it clear that Apple cannot always provide what schools and other groups need.

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