What your favorite Instagram filter says about you

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Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, your social media habits tend to say a lot about you. Your followers can pretty much see where you hang out, who you hang out with, what you like to eat and do for fun, and pretty much everything else. If you were to assemble someone’s Instagram photos into a collage, you would have a pretty good idea of their personality. And it would look like one of those cool Hockney pieces of art.


Yeah! Just like that one!

Like I’ve mentioned before, I was a late bloomer when it came to Instagram. My friends forced it upon me, and I feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since. So, I tend to pay close attention to other people’s Instagram habits in the hopes of graduating from my Instagram amateur status. Thus, I’ve picked up on a couple Instagram filter trends, and although Instagram filters might seem like an arbitrary and irrelevant way of reading someone, I’m starting to think they say a lot more than you’d think.


So, take a seat as I break it down for you. And as always, feel free to disagree in the comments section! And yes, I used my own pictures. ENJOY!

1) Normal – The #nofilter egotist:


This could go a couple ways. Either you’re new to Instagram, and you’re not ready to take the filter leap or you’re fishing for compliments. Come on, the filters are right there! By exercising your right not to use one, you’re telling the world you’re perfect without a filter. Look how great my makeup looks, or even worse, look how great I look WITHOUT makeup. This is an acceptable filter if you’re taking a picture of something picturesque outside and you would really like the world to know how beautiful it looks on its own. But save the no filter for landscapes, if at all.

2) Amaro – The bar-hopper:


This filter lightens up darker photos, so it’s ideal for those bar/club pics you’re taking on those nights out. Or maybe your deep, pensive stroll on the beach after hours. I’m not saying you sleep until 5 pm everyday, but your Instagram does.

3) Mayfair – The gateway gram-er:


Mayfair is ideal for those new Instagramers who want to apply a filter without making it seem like they’re trying too hard. It’s flattering, and it’s a light filter so it won’t change much. It’s only a matter of time, however, before they graduate to something heavier like Hudson.

4) Rise – The early riser:


The name basically says it all. If you’re up before 10 am, this is your chosen filter for all those early morning commutes and pre-work lattes. If a nice sunrise is happening over the bridge you take to work, this is your filter. If a hummingbird is lingering outside your front porch while you read your morning paper, this is your filter.

5) Hudson – The “introspective” photographer:


These are the over-thinkers, and the focus tends to be on objects. Something like, “check out the double meaning on this lampshade and the way it contrasts to the everyday societal pressures life throws at you.” It’s also good for objects outside, so if you’re looking to show off your brand new BMW, this is your chosen filter.

6) Valencia – The selfie perfectionist:


Well, the Chainsmokers said it all. This is the filter you use for your selfies, especially if you’re looking to increase your bronze glow from your Hawaiian vacation.

7) X-Pro II- (See Valencia #6):


8) Sierra – The person with the vacation home:


Perfect for those poolside pictures by the white picket fence. If your weekends are spent at your Hamptons house or your shore home, this is a preferred filter.

9) Willow – The Nancy Sinatra:


Old school cool, without trying too hard. Or perhaps you’re trying to cover up some selfie flaws. Either way!

10) Lo-Fi- The foodie:


This is the perfect filter for those exquisite desserts and delicious slices of pizza. Hey, even a turkey sandwich looks great in this filter.

11) Earlybird – The hipster:


I don’t mean to rag on Wes Anderson fans (since I am one), but if you’re a fan of his cinematography, you probably like the Earlybird filter. Vignette corners and muted colors make this perfect for those pictures of your fixie or your record player.

12) Sutro – The double-chin hider:


Don’t worry, I use this filter a lot too. If you’re displeased with your selfie due to the fact that your friend doesn’t understand angles, Sutro is the Hail Mary of Instagram filters. It’s your last chance to turn a bad photo into something worthy of Instagram. It’s late at night, you only took one photo, but you want the world to know you’re having an awesome Friday night. Maybe the photo isn’t great, but that’s what Sutro is for!

13) Toaster – The Lana Del Rey:


Remember what I said about emulating Lana Del Rey? This is the filter for you (or her). It’s got that ethereal glow, perfect for all your outdoor summer pictures.

14) Brannan – The artist:


Admittedly, I always forget this filter exists, but for those self-proclaimed Instagram expert photographers, this is a fan favorite. Good for moody photographers trying to convey their gripes with life via a picture of an abandoned rubik’s cube.

15) Inkwell – (See Willow #9):


16) Walden – “I have a dog”:


I guess it doesn’t have to be a dog, but this is the pet filter. So if you’re a proud parent of Fido or Mr. Whiskers, this is your favorite filter. I’m big on this filter. My pup looks adorable playing in the grass, but she looks even better with a Walden filter. Don’t worry, Jessie, you look adorable no matter what filter!

17) Hefe – (See Lo-Fi #10):


18) Nashville – (See Mayfair #3):


19) 1977 – The Retro-Chaser:


Either you were alive in 1977 or you just wish you were. You prefer your lunchbox pictures with the glow of the old days, or you just want people to think you have an appreciation for Cat Stevens.

20) Kelvin – The Sabotager:


This filter is useless until it’s not. All your friends went to Cancun for spring break and you were stuck filing paperwork. Thus, they’re all tan and beautiful while you’re looking a little more like Casper. Well this filter will make those suckers look red, while you look perfect.

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