Third-party report shows issues in Samsung’s Chinese factories

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Third-party report shows issues in Samsung's Chinese factoriesChild labor might not be a major issue in Samsung’s Chinese factories, but a report commissioned by the company shows that working conditions do need to be improved. Samsung’s 2014 Sustainability Report includes data from third-party groups that examined the working conditions inside of at least 100 Samsung suppliers. At the very least, the suppliers didn’t even comply with some of the basic requirements put in place by the Chinese government.

Most of the factories force workers to stay at work well beyond the government-allowed overtime hours, which results in extremely long workdays. Child labor isn’t necessarily found in the factories–China itself has combated the practice–but some workers under 18 were found to be in contact with hazardous chemicals, making their workplace unsafe.

Things that should be expected from the suppliers, like proper waste disposal, are not even present at all factories. The report says that 33 percent of the 100 suppliers did not properly deal with sewage and other forms of waste.

Samsung, Apple, and many other tech companies with Chinese suppliers have all faced the same level of criticism because of these reports. While it is true that Samsung can’t monitor day-by-day operations at factories, using another company for manufacturing does mean that you take on some level of responsibility for that company’s employees.

Via [The Verge]

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