‘Buy Now’ button appearing in some tweets

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'Buy Now' button appearing in some tweetsMobile Twitter users are beginning to see Buy Now buttons in certain tweets, according to Recode, the publication that first spotted the buttons. The idea behind the Buy Now feature is that users are more apt to quickly purchase something if the time it takes to do so is very short. Plus, the buttons appear when someone has mentioned a product in their tweet, giving context to the potential purchase.

It seems like the roll out for the Buy Now buttons is just starting, and in some cases the buttons have already been removed from the mobile Twitter apps. It has been reported that many of the links did not work early on Tuesday which may be part of the reason for Twitter’s decision to temporarily take down the Buy Now feature altogether.

This monetization strategy has been mentioned in multiple leaks, and the appearance of Buy Now buttons on the service means that Twitter is likely moving forward with its mobile shopping plan. Twitter and its partner for this project,, have not announced the Buy Now option, so the feature may still be in the testing phase as Twitter tries to fix certain issues with it.

Via [Recode]

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