Moto 360 could be twice as expensive as other Android Wear watches

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Moto 360 smartwatchBack at the Google I/O, the search engine giant unveiled its latest Android Wear operating system, as well as a few smartwatches which will come pre-installed with the new OS. LG, Samsung and Motorola are the early adopters, who have already showcased their smartwatches, in fact, Samsung’s Gear Live and LG G Watch are already up for pre-order at the Google Play Store.

While the Moto 360 is not available at the moment, it does look gorgeous among the three of them, and looks more like a fashion accessory as well as a smartwatch, and is also expected to be priced higher. The LG G Watch costs $229, while the Samsung Gear Live comes with a $199 price tag. There was no word about the pricing of the Moto 360, but it seems it’s going to be a hell of a lot more expensive than these two.

The Moto 360 smartwatch was spotted on a popular Chinese retailer, Jingdong, with a 2,800 yuan (almost $450) price tag. It’s almost twice as much as the price of the LG G Watch and Gear Live in international markets. There’s no denying the pricing of products varies from region to region, but both LG Gwatch and Gear Live are expected to land in China with a 1,500 yuan price tag.

Let’s just take this news with a grain of salt, as there’s no official word from Google or Motorola about its price. So, a grain of salt is required for this rumor. If it turns out to be true, it would be interesting to see how Motorola plans to sell the smartwatch with such a high price tag.

Source: Gforgames

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