Cynical truckers blow smoke to protest environmentalism, common sense

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You don’t need to be “liberal” or “conservative” to know ignorant morons when you see them.

While the rest of the sane world, including those who use and manufacture consumer tech products, chooses to conserve energy wherever they can — call it “saving green by going green” — there are those bitter people with an axe to grind against reason, science and good taste. They consider themselves patriots. I consider them willfully anti-intellectual dopes.

I’m speaking of the American truckers who are deliberately emitting large plumes of toxic smoke in the interest of… what? Showing how ignorant and bitter and mean-spirited they are? Wasting energy? Polluting the air? Just because you have the RIGHT to do something like that doesn’t mean you should.

WSB radio:

It’s a trend now big enough to put a name to. Many Americans are rigging their trucks to intentionally emit large plumes of toxic smoke. It’s called “rolling coal,” and it’s meant as a political statement.

The truck owner rigs the diesel engine to emit large amounts of black soot. One truck owner labeled his vehicle “Prius repellant” and took a video as he aimed smoke at a car behind him…

For some, it’s a form of protest against environmentalism, striking back against efforts to lower carbon emissions and overall pollution. For others, it’s just for kicks.

There are entire countries on this earth who live in squalor, poverty, hunger. There are countries like Germany, which has committed to making the transition to alternative energy and which has become one of the world’s strongest economies as a result.

And then there’s America, where people are so privileged and pampered that they’ll deliberately waste energy and pollute the air to make some kind of deranged anti-science, anti-regulation political statement. Or, even worse, doing it just to be a jerk.

Any right-thinking, patriotic American, even if they disagree with climate science or federal regulations, should reject this cynical buffoonery.

My phone is now charged. I am going to unplug the charger. Like anyone who isn’t a bitter, sociopathic idiot would do.

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  • Kirk Hiner

    Seriously, then? This is a thing? It makes about as much as protesting gun control by shooting someone. You don’t make your point by becoming the problem.

  • Lyndon Johnson

    As someone who has been “rolled” on by a few large diesel trucks whose drivers clearly did smoked me because of the car I was driving — usually a hybrid I’m testing for the Car Tech section here at TechnologyTell or my family’s Nissan cube — let me assure you Kirk that this is most definitely “a thing.”

    A good friend of mine who writes for another automotive website once told me “rolling coal” is the automotive equivalent of farting in a crowded elevator. Sure, you can do that in America. You’ve got every right. But it’s also among the douchiest things you could do to those around you.

    What the small-minded owners of these trucks fail to realize, usually, is how much fuel they’re wasting when they do this. Black smoke is unburned hydrocarbons rolling out the tailpipe. Truckers who make their living with their trucks usually “get it.” In my part of the country (rural Tennessee), it’s the stupid boys who have too much of mommy and daddy’s checkbook who do this the most, and then sell their trucks to the next stupid kid when they find their parents’ patience for helping them make ends meet while they’re buying $100 tanks of diesel every few days wears thin.

  • Mike Johnson

    The absolute ignorance in this article is astounding. You show a pic of a semi built for racing at a track getting ready to race. Trying to insinuate truckers don’t care about the environment and are out blowing smoke for fun. Get it right its a bunch of kids in pickups that never got told no as a baby. Not hard working professional drivers.