Google launches “Smarty Pins” geography game

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Google launches "Smarty Pins" geography gameFor people who need to brush up on their geography or simply want to have a little trivia fun, Google has launched Smarty Pins. The Smarty Pins game combines trivia questions with Google Maps, and it asks users to drop a pin on the location that corresponds with a certain factoid. The goal of the game is to move through as many questions as possible before reaching 1000 miles, the total number of miles your pins can be away from the correct location.

Now, I’m not sure if it necessarily means that I’m horrible at geography, but I only got through five trivia questions before outright failing, and just one of those questions was answered correctly.

Google also lets players choose from a set of categories so that their trivia questions are grouped together in some way. Though, if you want the bits of information to be as random and difficult as possible, you can just start the game without adding any filters to the questions.

Every so often Google will give you some hints to help move you in the right direction, or if you aren’t doing too well it will even try to boost your spirits with things like, “”Even Columbus took a few years to find the right way.”

Via [The Verge]

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