Cobra JumPack portable battery charges cars, gadgets

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It happens every once in a great while to many people. You head your front door, ready for work, get in your car, and turn it on. Nothing. You’ll pause for a second and try the ignition again, but the engine won’t turn. You just hear a click noise. Then it dawns on you that your car battery is dead, right as you flashback to having used the car’s ceiling light the night before. You check it and see that it’s still in the on position. Yup. It’s going to be one of those days.

Cobra JumPack battery pack carIf you’re one to be prepared, you probably have a set of jumper cables in the trunk. Cross your fingers in hope that a neighbor hasn’t already left for work. Otherwise, you might be calling in late. There are those bulky, heavy jump starters that can do the trick. But, honestly, that’s the last thing on anyone’s mind to buy.

Considering that our lives are filled with portable gadgets, why not get a dual-purpose battery? The Cobra Electronics JumPack functions as an external battery pack that can also jumpstart a car. During the day, you could be carrying this around with you in a bag or backpack. 7500mAh battery capacity is sufficient to fully charge regular smartphones a few times over., and the 2.1A USB output is powerful enough to charge up tablets, too. But what makes the Cobra JumPack awesome is how it can resurrect a car battery in an emergency.

The Cobra JumPack includes special cables that plugs into a separate, covered port. The JumPack battery can push 200-400A of current through the cables to your car battery, enough for most vehicles. When you’re done, just recharge the JumPack through the included car or wall adapter.

How handy is that? And since it charges your mobile gadgets, you could be using the JumPack daily. Need it right now? You can get one for only $129 on Amazon.

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