Tour de France riders want spectators to quit taking selfies

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Selfies are already the annoying trend of our generation, but now they’re bordering on a safety issue (at least for riders in the Tour de France this year). Sure, the race is plenty dangerous already with the rough surfaces and aggressive riders, but the participants seem to think crowd selfies are a stupid way for them to risk injury. And I would have to agree.

Sure, a Tour de France selfie makes as much sense as any other selfie. You’re one of the millions of fans at a historically significant bike race and what better way to show people than by sticking your giant head in a photo with riders engaging in the actual race. However, when you’re turning your back on cyclists speeding by, it’s a bit of a safety hazard for you and the riders.

Britain’s Simon Yates, riding for Australia’s Orica GreenEDGE team, explained, “The crowd support in England was amazing. The only real complaint was people taking selfies in the middle of the bunch and having their back to the peloton. Everyone is out there having fun and a lot of people don’t realize we’re coming past at 37 mph and we use every inch of the roads.”

I suppose spectators need to understand that these are people partaking in a grueling race, and they’re not there to be the background in your next Instagram shot. I mean, I am overly conscious of RECREATIONAL bicyclists to the point that I annoy my friends every time we go hiking. “Hannah, you’re going to walk me off the path trying to avoid that cyclist.” Deal with it, Eileen, I’d rather hit you than the cyclist! REAL TALK!


And it’s not just cautionary advice, either. On Sunday, there were several incidents reported that came as a result of the cyclists trying to navigate through the crowds.

So, to those of you planning on attending sporting events that are uniquely close to the action like the Tour de France, save the selfies for the bar afterwards, and maybe try enjoying the action for a change.

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