Flow Chart: How not to become the media’s b**ch in the Internet of Information

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With the advent of the “share” button, every piece of media that hits the internet has become fair game for the unlikeliest of audience members. What were once niche news topics, sought out only by those willing to pay $12.99 for a yearly subscription of something, are now being shoved down the throats of involuntary and unprepared audience participants.

Ten years ago I was receiving my science news from Popular Science, now I’m getting it on the daily from Facebook. Ten years ago I was also completely apathetic about the nature of religious cults, but in 2K14 I find myself consuming Westboro Baptist Church news regularly. What a time to be alive!

This inundation of information once overwhelmed me. I couldn’t process half of it and the other half was taken with the weight of a boulder and completely shattered my perception of humanity. It was traumatizing.

Then I realized that I was the media’s b**ch. I was reacting exactly how I was expected to: emotionally and with an unimpeded ferocity with which I’d smack the hell out of the share button. Now I have psychological social justice issues, but that’s irrelevant. OR IS IT?

I’ve expertly created this super sophisticated infographic to help Internet dwellers like myself to protect themselves from becoming the media’s b**tch. Behold your guide to navigating the Internet of Information. Live by it! Unless it’s a story I wrote. You can trust me, your friendly neighborhood conspirator serious journalist.

*Note: Click the image and zoom in if you can’t read the type.

Media Guide Infographic

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