Ritot watch projects time, notifications on hands

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CompaRitot projection watch fashionnion devices are gaining popularity as more options become available for consumers. What’s a companion device? It could be a ring, watch, or bracelet that provides notifications or interaction with a connected mobile device. With the way smartphones are gradually getting larger, it can be convenient to know what’s going on without having to pull your smartphone out each time.

Ritot is one of the latest gadgets that wants to take space on your wrist, but with a fresh twist. Unlike other products which simply flash a light or buzz some movement, Ritot uses the back of your hand as a display. By default, a gentle shake of your wrist makes the device project the current time, digitally. Since the light doesn’t have to travel far, the wee little pico projector is perfect for the job. And once you pair your smartphone with Ritot, you can run the accompanying app to add more functionality.

Change projection colors as well as notification methods for social media, messages, incoming calls, timers, alerts, and more. Since these details are projected onto your hand, the body of Ritot can stay slim and fashionable. There is the “blingy” fashion option, but also a sporty design too. Personally, I favor the sport design, since it looks very similar to many activity trackers out there. I find them to pair well with almost any outfit.

Each Ritot wrist device comes with its own charging base that also doubles as a clock. The base lets users quickly change Ritot’s projection color and for left or right hands. Ritot is currently funding on Indiegogo.


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  • mariya kyle

    wow new technologies comes in a day by day..